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Toolz Euro Prestige - Tape-Ins Pliers

Toolz Euro Prestige - Tape-Ins Pliers

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Afraid the extensions will slip? Euro Prestige has created a solution, the Tape Press Application Tool, to go through sandwiched strips to tape them together and eliminate air pockets: you will actually hear the air pockets pop! When the air pockets fill with water, product, shampoo and conditioner, the ribbons can become loose and slip off.

Pro Tip: Be sure to keep the adhesive strips very secure with the application tool facing the top of the head. This is the area that will be most exposed to water and product, making these extensions most susceptible to slipping without proper application.

This Euro Prestige Toolz pliers are for Euro Prestige Adhesive Strips, they are made of stainless steel. Both sides of the handle are made of non-slip rubber, which is more comfortable to use.

Hair Extension Styling Pliers Function: This hair extension pliers is suitable for professional salons, it's small and lightweight, easy to carry. It can help you complete your work and save time.

The clamp with smooth silicone pad avoids damage to the bond, the adhesive tape can be clamped evenly and easily on the extended part of the hair to greatly increase the adhesion, can better press the two tapes together firmly, better bonding of hair protection extension extends your installation of Euro Prestige adhesive tape.

Flexible for most professional hair salon needs – small and lightweight, easy to carry. You will love using this Euro Prestige pliers made especially for Adhesive Tapes. Ergonomic non-slip metal rubber handles for a comfortable and secure grip. Euro Prestige Tape Pliers designed with double spring handles to provide better grip. Our amazing hair extension tool is easy to use and can work well with tape-in ​​hair extensions, a more efficient, faster, more convenient and practical tool for installing hair extensions.

Discover the excellence of our TOOLZ Euro Prestige hair extensions, carefully designed in high quality stainless steel to ensure exceptional durability. Our professional tool speeds up the installation and removal process.

The ergonomics of all our stainless steel extension TOOLZ products make them the ideal tool for a perfect hair extension process. Its robustness guarantees frequent use without compromising on quality. Trust the reliability of ALL our stainless steel tweezers and products suitable for professional hair salon stylists. Elevate your art with the precision and performance of TOOLZ Euro Prestige.


Our 100% Remy hair extensions can be washed, dried, flat ironed or curled using hot tools. They have the same capacity as your own hair.


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