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Toolz Euro Prestige - Habit Case

Toolz Euro Prestige - Habit Case

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Hairdressing or Hair Extension Tool Kit
Tool kit for sewing wefts or Genius
Weaving Tool Kit

1 x Two-hole pliers
10 x Pliers
1 x Small sewing scissors
1 x Ball Threader
4 x Curved needles
1 x Hair Stick for the perfect pose

1 x Hook

Discover the excellence of our TOOLZ Euro Prestige hair extensions, carefully designed in high quality stainless steel to ensure exceptional durability. Our professional tool speeds up the installation and removal process.

The ergonomics of all our stainless steel extension TOOLZ products make them the ideal tool for a perfect hair extension process. Its robustness guarantees frequent use without compromising on quality. Trust the reliability of ALL our stainless steel tweezers and products suitable for professional hair salon stylists. Elevate your art with the precision and performance of TOOLZ Euro Prestige.



Our 100% Remy hair extensions can be washed, dried, flat ironed or curled using hot tools. They have the same capacity as your own hair.


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