Collection: Euro Prestige Hair Cuticle Volumizer

Volumizing! What is it for and how? Explanation ❤️

HD hair volumizer Euro Prestige quality then the best quality hair on the market.

The VOLUMATOR! The ideal accessory for fine hair that is often a little thinning on top and will definitely replace the addition of extensions. This piece of hair will give you back the desired volume, body and length in 2 minutes. It attaches to the base of your hair using its small clips. These are designed to secure the piece to fine hair. The volumizers are available in several colors, they are offered in Euro Prestige quality cuticle virgin hair. Prices vary depending on color. You want to wear it every day or even improve the volume of your wedding hairstyle, the volumizer is an essential hair piece!

Length: 14”
Cape Base: 5.5”x6”
Weight: 70g with 4 ties sewn into each corner